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This is the 3rd time we’ve used concrete counter tops for various remodels but Daedalus Countertops is the only concrete company I would use again. Daedalus was by far the fairest in pricing, most timely, had the best finish and the richest color production of any other concrete counter fabricator I’ve dealt with. Dan Schmitz the owner is really thoughtful and professional.  Daedalus counter tops are the highest quality and pricing is competitive. We are very happy with the finished product. Love it! Thanks Daedalus.

-Marsha Converse

-Boulder County, CO



A collection of custom concrete pieces



Dan’s work was nothing short of a work of art. The final product was amazing, and everyone that comes by our house thinks our counters are the best finish in our house. He did our kitchen counters with a waterfall edge, and our bathroom vanity with an integrated sink. I couldn’t be happier. Plus, he’s a very cool guy that is extremely easy to work with.

-Bryan N.

-Denver, CO



Choose a sink design, countertop size, and layout from our existing collection, or custom design your layout. 


Using our unique concrete mix design, we blend our ingredients in precise amounts to produce a material of exceptional strength, durability, color and texture. Our craftsmen then use various engineered techniques to place the concrete in the mold.


Delivery is free in our local area. We are also available to position your sink on your pre-installed vanity base, brackets or cleats.


Each piece requires a custom mold built to your specifications. We can build off of drawings or custom templates we take in the field.


After your piece has cured to a specific hardness and moisture content, we will work and hone the surface to the fine quality required to accept the crucial final finishing stage, the sealer. Daedalus uses a highly skilled process to apply a sealer to your sink that is unmatched in it’s stain and abrasion resistance.


Your Satisfaction is our priority.  Please let us know what we did well, and where we can improve!


© 2018 by Daedalus

© 2018 by Daedalus